Daniel Zhao

Daniel Zhao

Senior at Yale studying global affairs and data science. Passionate about leveraging data, technology, policy, and politics to strengthen public institutions and benefit society.

Previously with Yale Daily News, Tech Talent Project, Facebook, Coding It Forward, Louisville Office of Civic Innovation, and others.

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Right now

Finishing my last semester at Yale, completing two senior projects, and working on establishing an on-campus student initiative for tech policy, data governance, and civic tech.


A few principles and values for 2021 and beyond, January 22, 2021.

Open to full-time roles beginning in June 2021.


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At Yale, I'm nearing completion of a B.S. in Statistics & Data Science and B.A. in Global Affairs.

My data science training has strongly emphasized social science methods, including randomized experiments and causal inference, as well as data visualization. I also have extensive experience with web scraping, natural language processing, survey analysis, and GIS. R is my tool of choice for data science, and I'm a huge fan of the tidyverse, but I reguarly use R, Python, SQL, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, D3.js, and QGIS — whichever is best for the task at hand.

My public policy training has focused on issues of technology and society, including courses on cybersecurity, data governance, and intellectual property. I've written and researched on digital authoritarianism, algorithmic bias in smart cities, cybersecurity and cyberwarfare, and more. I've also taken courses in international development, US–China relations, environmental sustainability, and economics that provide important context for analyzing technology issues.

Outside of class, I spent a lot of time working for the Yale Daily News: first as a Photography Editor, then as a co-founder and co-editor of the Data Desk, and finally helping to establish the Multimedia Desk to support efforts around transitioning to a multimedia-first publication. I'm heavily involved with the Statistics & Data Science Department, serving as a teaching assistant for 5 different courses across 6 semesters and serving on the Departmental Student Advisory Committee. I also led a policy research team with the Yale Roosevelt Institute, focused on renewable energy finance strategies at the state level, and started conversations that led to Roosevelt's new Technology Policy research group.